This Adorable Kitten Has A Heart On Her Chest


When we see a litter of adorable kittens, it can be difficult not to fall in love with all of them. After all, they just seem to be so cute, they are irresistible. That is what happened when some people came over to see a kitten and adopt her. When they got there, the ended up seeing Zoe, and she charmed them into adopting her as well.

When you look at Zoe, you will see something most unusual in her markings. She has a big heart on her chest and it has grown with her. Now that she is older, she has her own instagram account and it has almost 75,000 followers. Her sister also has her own account as well and their popularity just continues to grow.


When the couple came over to adopt a kitten, Zoe, this little charmer also talked them into adopting her.

They fell in love with her on the spot and now the two both live in the same home

As she grew, so did the heart marking on her chest

She is now known as “The Fluff” but she also is known as the “Queen of Hearts.”

She can also be quite serious when posing

Or a little care bear

Most of the attention went to Zoe at first because of the heart marking

Her sister is now gaining quite a fanebase as well

Just take a look at Izzy

But Zoe should not be underestimated

Both are quite affectionate

Via: Bored Panda

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