Cat Owner Orders A Scratching Post Online Without Reading The Description And Regrets It


How many of us have ever ordered something and ended up regretting the purchase? Perhaps we bought it without doing the measurements at home first or we might not have paid much attention to the colour. In either case, it can be frustrating. It turns out, the person in this story had a similar problem

When Reddit user, Cewallace9 ordered something for his cat online, he was probably very excited that he was getting him a gift. When he posted the picture on Reddit for others to view, however, it showed a different story. It has his normal sized cat sitting beside a tiny little scratching post that was accidentally ordered from Amazon.

I don’t think this is going to work.

It wasn’t only the picture that was funny, he had this to add. “Note to self…check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon…”

As it turns out, it was a scratching post for a dollhouse, so it was miniature in size. Perhaps he should have read the description more carefully.

It’s also the right time to show this “I’m not impressed” cat picture.

Via: Some E Cards

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