Kitten Rescued By Huskies And Now She Things She’s A Dog


There has been an ongoing debate between cats and dogs for years. People just seem to want to argue for their favorite and they want to believe that the two can never get along. That isn’t the case however and at times, you might even find that something amazing is happening. That certainly is the case with the animals you will see on this page. It will make you believe in the kindness of animals in a whole new way.

When Rosie the kitten was young, she was abandoned and in poor health. Fortunately for her, she was found by Lilo the Husky and he gave her all of the TLC she needed. Today, Rosie is no longer sick and feeble, she is strong, adventurous and loves the outdoors. In fact, she even thinks she is part of the pack.


When you see her in action, you might think it too.

Throwback to our Summer time walks☺? The full video can be found at the link in our bio! #liloandrosie

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Falling asleep, and then waking up next to your best friend❤️ Lilo has a small scratch where Rosie is kissing?

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They were definitely quite the spectacle…?? #liloandrosie

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When mom won’t stop, but you’re done? #kbye? . . . . #liloandrosie

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Made a trip to see the lake! It was so cold, but the scenery was AMAZING? #liloandrosie

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A new puppy and kittens have been added to the family. Be sure to check for updates.

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