20 Things That Didn’t Have To Be Said, But We Are Happy They Were Said


There are many different forms of humour but perhaps the one that many of us appreciate more than any other is sarcasm. I’ll have to admit, when we are the target of the sarcasm, it may not be very funny but when we get the opportunity to sit back and watch it happen to other people, it is typically the funniest thing we’ve ever seen. The Internet provides us with that opportunity.

In the following pictures, we see some of the most sarcastic things that were ever said and we get the opportunity to laugh at them from afar. Regardless of whether it is notes being posted at strange locations or something that was said on social media, it is all perfectly sarcastic in the funniest way possible.


1. Bottom’s up

You have to read the fine print

2. Yes or yes?

Don’t give them the opportunity to say no

3. It’s a big mystery

Somebody had a lot of fun organizing this

4. The ultimate pickup line

It was only a matter of time

5. Doggone funny

At least he listened

6. Frequent-flier club

At least they can follow instructions

7. Underwater

Nobody can walk on it anyway

8. No bills

Nobody was listening to this one

9. Spelling Please

There’s no accounting for intelligence here

10. iJobs

You need to be specific

11. Need some milk?

Nobody listens

12. Ask a silly question

I think he deserves some points

13. Checkmate

I want to know who put the smiley face on the page

14. Be brief

At least he was right

15. Chucky

Well that’s a twist I’ve never heard

16. Dating advice

I guess you can choose someone else

17. Nice try

Spell check is a wonderful thing

18. Culture club

Or you could throw them out

19. Push and pull

Wonder how many people try

20. Go green

You can’t argue with them

Via: 22 Words

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