An Amazon Review For A Stun Gun That Simply Has To Be Read


Buying products online is certainly different than buying them at your local Walmart. Not only do you have the convenience of ordering them directly from the computer and having them delivered, you also get to read the reviews. In many cases, you know exactly what you are getting before you ever get it.

There are times, however, when the reviews may not provide exactly what you need. They don’t necessarily give you the entire picture but they can be rather amusing and perhaps are enough to put a good smile on your face. Those product reviews may not make the difference in whether you buy or not, but they certainly are well worth the read.

That was the case for this review of a Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun. Apparently, it was picked up by some guy and used to defend himself against a gang of hooligans who had taken his money. From there, it goes downhill.

I want one!

H/T: 22 Words

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