Great-Grandmother Prays To A Figure Every Day, Not Knowing It Is A Lord Of The Rings Character


In many religions, it is common to pray to small figures and there may be a wide variety of figures to choose from. Some of them may even be for specific purposes, such as patron Saints that are supposed to watch out over specific areas of your life. For one great-grandmother, however, some wires got cross along the way.

This great-grandmother lives in Brazil and four years, she has been praying to a small figure that she thought was St. Anthony. As it turns out, it wasn’t safe Anthony at all but rather, it was a small statue of a Lord of the rings figurine. The discovery was made by her relative, and when she looked at the figurine, she realised that something was not quite right.

After doing some research on Google, she found out that her St. Anthony figurine was actually Elrond, a character from the Lord of the rings. He is the half-eleven Lord of Rivendell.


They tried to explain to her wire she had gone wrong, but she wasn’t quite getting it first. Eventually, she did understand what had gone wrong and after posting it online, it was shared more than 4000 times.

When the young woman came to visit her great-grandmother, she noticed there was something strange about her statue.

After searching on Google, she discovered that her great grandma had been praying to Elrond from the Lord of the rings, not Saint Anthony.

“We tried to explain right away but she didn’t understand at first,” her great-granddaughter said

They do look fairly similar

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