Hilarious Pictures That Prove Divorce Does Not Take Away Your Sense Of Humour


More than likely, we know somebody who has gone through a divorce. Perhaps it was even you, but regardless of what you went through it or not, it is easy to see the state of affairs when it is taking place. A divorce can be a messy problem and most people doing come out on the other side smiling. It is unfortunate but true. That doesn’t mean, however, that all is lost when you go through a divorce.

The divorce process can strip us of many things. We might find that we are having a hard time keeping ourselves afloat financially or perhaps it may take it’s toll on our physical health. As you are about to see, divorce may do a lot of things to people but it doesn’t take away their sense of humour.


1 Queen of the castle

2. So fresh

3. I hear you

4. Did I say that out loud?

5. Too funny!

Via: Diply

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