A Man Pulled An Amazing Prank On His Neighbour’s Printer


We live in a world that is electronically connected, and as a result, there are going to be glitches from time to time. Perhaps one of the more important things for us to consider in this regard is making sure that our electronics are as secure as possible. If we don’t, somebody could take advantage of us and that is what happened in this video.

The Twitter user who posted this information was playing a small prank on his neighbour. When he had a new printer installed, he did so over an unsecured network. Since his neighbour was able to access the network and was technically savvy, he was able to manipulate the printer and have it print something. Obviously, his neighbour wasn’t so tech savvy, and he ended up falling for it in a big way.


Do you have your doubts that somebody would be fooled by this? Here is the proof.


The Tweet has now gone viral

Via: Some e Cards

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