These Minions Seem To Say What All Of Us Are Thinking


It doesn’t matter who we are or what our lot is in life, we’ve all come across Disney at some point or another. For most of us, Disney really defined our youth and we may be able to remember a number of Disney films and characters that we loved during those years.

Some people are into Disney princesses but when it comes to our favourite Disney character, it is difficult to beat the minions. After all, they are not only absolutely adorable, they have that little bit of sassiness to their personality that really makes them perfect for many of us. In fact, when you see what these minions have to say, you will know for a certainty that they have our back.


1. This Minion is giving us permission to stuff our face

2. I’m like this all of the time

3. This is my come back after being a couch potato all weekend

4. I sometimes wish this

5. Every… Single… Day

6. It’s my motto

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