There Has To Be Some Science To This


When you turn on the television or look at the news on the Internet, you are going to realise something very quickly. It seems as if everything you hear is negative and it can get quite depressing from time to time. That is why it is important for you to look at the lighter side of life and to laugh every once in a while.

Not only is it important to laugh because it makes you feel better mentally, there are scientific studies that show it helps you in a physical sense as well. It is a good idea for you to laugh on a daily basis and for that reason, we have put together the following pictures that will help you on your way. Consider this your “apple a day” that is sure to keep the doctor away.


1. Try to get this song out of your head

2. I would call it a waste of money

3. Who could blame her?

4. Truth

5. It scientifically sound

H/T: Diply

Via: Little Things