A Twitter Troll Gets Owned By Wendy’s And Deletes His Account


When we spend any amount of time on Social media, we are going to run across a rather unusual type of individual. They use their hidden status on the internet to just spout off garbage over any situation that comes their way. We typically call them trolls but it doesn’t matter what we call them, they can be quite annoying.

The troll in this instance, however, picked on someone he shouldn’t have. He posted something to the Wendy’s official twitter account and got burned so badly that he ended up deleting his Twitter account. Since that time, the tweet has gone viral and, as Wendy’s says, “2017 is off to quite a start.”

First, Wendy’s started by tweeting about their beef never being frozen, and the troll calls them liars.


Wendy’s stood by their claim so the guy wants to know how they ship it without freezing it

Oh yeah, refrigerators…

Ouch, slapped by Wendy’s

Poor guy, he was so down that he deleted his account.

Via: Some E Cards

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