A Young Man Starts On A Racist Facebook Rant, And Then His Mum Shows Up


Have you ever heard a story that was just so good you thought it must not be true. At times, those stores may be made up but there are also plenty of times when it is just a matter of life being funnier than fiction. In fact, when you couple those stories with what the internet brings to the table, some funny tales are bound to arise.

In this case of this story, it started when a man posted a racist meme on his own Facebook feed. It was talking about immigrants, and it certainly didn’t shed any positive light onto the subject. Actually, we have to wonder just what kind of a class act would post this, but then the story gets good.

Does this make your blood boil?

And it doesn’t stop there

This is how most people feel at this point

Then Mum shows up and drops the ultimate bombshell

The moral of the story? Don’t be a racist, oh, and don’t mess with your mum.

Via: 22 Words

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