Carrie Fisher’s Former Assistant Lets Us Know That She Is Just As Awesome As We Thought


Most of us would’ve loved the opportunity to work with Carrie Fisher and after you hear the stories from her assistant, you will recognise that it would’ve been the best job in the world. He posted a tribute on Facebook about Fisher, and let us know that not only was she enjoyable to work for, she was actually a lot more awesome than we had ever imagined.

The tribute is full of stories about Carrie Fisher and it also has some pictures that will help you to see just what kind of a woman she really was. Although it has been just a little while since she passed away, it will certainly bring back all of the memories that you had of her with a smile.

“We rode dog sleds in Canada, swam hot springs in Japan, pet koalas in Australia,” he wrote. “That’s how she lived. Extraordinary. Brilliant. Hilarious. And generous!”

That doesn’t come as a big surprise to us.

Fisher is also known as being a no-nonsense person and that was confirmed by Lane as well.

“She was exactly the same in private as in public,” he wrote. “Authentic. Honest. Real.” He also said that she “embodied aliveness,” which is perfect.

Best known for her role of Princess Leia on Star Wars, she passed away at the age of 60. People in both our galaxy and likely in the galaxy far far away have been mourning her and remembering her for what she brought to our lives.

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