A Woman Writes A Message To Kroger Supermarket On Facebook And It Goes Viral


It isn’t often that we hear some good news, so when we do hear it, we tend to get a little excited. That is especially true for those who work in customer service, as all they typically hear are complaints. Those problems can be a serious issue and can lead to low morale in the job. Fortunately, there are sometimes people who have something good to say.

The woman who wrote the following post was visiting a local Kroger store. Kroger sells groceries. She had gone to the store for a special occasion, it was her grandmother’s 90th birthday. She had gone in to buy some cake and when she was checking out, she ran into the most pleasant cashier. He asked her about the cake and before you know it, he was going above and beyond to make the day even more special.


When we watch the news or read things online, we are constantly bombarded by negative thoughts. Hearing something good not only helps you to feel better, it can really make a difference in your outlook on life. This story will hit you right were you need it.

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