What Did People Do Before Amazon? Check Out These Rare Vintage Photos Of Mobile Libraries


When any of us want information today, it is really as close as our fingertips. We just pick up our mobile phone, tablet or other electronic device and do a quick search. Most times, we end up on Amazon and if we want to read a book, we can buy one on that website. Many times, we can even download it and read it electronically.

That wasn’t always the case. Before the internet existed, it was necessary to get in the car and drive (or walk) to the local library. In fact, there was even a day when the library would come to the people. Those mobile libraries existed from the late 1850s and continued through the 20th century. They still operate in some parts of the world but for the most part, they are considered outdated.


1. An Open Bookmobile from 1925

2. The First Public Library Bookmobile In Cincinnati in 1927

3. Kurdistan, Iran, 1970

4. 1948

5. Inside the Bookmobile, 1960s

6. Indonesia, Early 20th Century.

7. Columbia Park, 1940

8. Bookmobile

9. 1927

10. 1926

11. 1936

12. Long Line At A Dutch Bookmobile

13. 1933

14. Staff Members, 1930

15. Children Enjoy Books in the 1920s

H/T: Bored Panda

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