The Doctors Said This Man Would Never Have A Job But He’s Retiring After 35 Years


When a person is born with a disability, it doesn’t mean that they are going to be limited in all areas of life. Many individuals who have a disability are able to lead lives just like the rest of us, and the only thing that typically holds them back are the people around them. When they are permitted to do what they can do, they can accomplish great things.

When Andrew MacEachern was born in 1960, the doctors said that Down syndrome meant he would never be able to read or write and would never have a job. Now that Andrew is 55 years old, he is retiring from his job at Victoria General Hospital. He has been working there for 35 years as a store clerk and in delivery.


His coworkers threw him a retirement party.

“I have a lots of friends here, I’ll miss everybody. I had a wonderful time here,” he said. “I’m going to miss this place very much.”

He was known as the mayor of the VG

Everyone feels that it is his personality that will be missed the most. He loved pulling little pranks, like hiding chairs from people.

He received a fantastic retirement gift, a Caribbean cruise!

His sister would like employers to know about Andrew’s story. “Include people like my brother in your focus when you’re going to go hiring,” she said.

Andrew is an inspiration to all of us. Regardless of what people perceive our limitations to be, we are only limited by our own actions.

Via: Diply

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