The Most Incredible Pictures From Inside Of The Womb


There are many things that we may never get the opportunity to see in the world around us but we can still see them through the eyes of a photographer. In some cases, the photographer may be taking pictures of beautiful landscapes or perhaps of different plants, but this photographer was taking pictures of something quite different.

His name was Lennart Nilsson and he took pictures of young children in all stages of prenatal development. In fact, he spent the majority of his life taking these pictures, being the first to take a picture of a human fetus in 1957. Since that time, he has worked along with doctors to produce some of the most unusual and thought-provoking images from inside of the womb. Unfortunately, he has passed away but he leaves behind a legacy of images that you will never forget.


From inside the fallopian tube

The human egg

Just before an egg is fertilized

The sperm fusing with the egg

Carrying the genetic material

An embryo inside of the fallopian tube

A week after conception

Three weeks after conception

The first heartbeat

Four weeks after fertilization

The fifth week

The placenta forming in the sixth week

A fetus at two months

The eyes forming at 10 weeks

Two tiny hands of this embryo

At four months

You can identify the limbs

A fetus can hear sounds

The nails begin forming

Hair cells forming

At six months

Taking on human features

A month prior to birth

He published a book “A Child Was Born” in 1965. Lennart Nilsson passed away January 28, 2017.

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