Mum Sends Girl To School With Lunch And She Gets An Angry Red Note In Return


When we send our children off to school, we do so expecting that everything is going to go well that day. Many loving parents take care to dress their children for the weather, pack them a healthy lunch and get them out the door on time. The last thing we want when they come home is to have an angry note from the teacher.

That is what happened to this mother is Australia. She sent her child to school with a packed lunch that included a slice of chocolate cake. When her daughter got home, she had an angry note telling her to make better food choices for her daughter. Rather than just fuming over it silently, she took to Facebook with this post.

This mother from Australia got rep remanded by her daughter’s teacher for packing a slice of chocolate cake in her lunch.

The mother remained anonymous but she wanted her story to be told. She shared the experience with Melinda Tankard Reist, a friend who had a large following on Facebook.


Melinda shared the note on her facebook page and it got thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

The note read: “Your child has ‘chocolate slice’ from the Red Food category today. Please choose healthier options for Kindy.”

It was written in red and included a big frowny face.

The school system in Australia encourages healthy lunches and categorizes foods as being good, OK or bad, depending on the color. Red is bad.

The idea may be ok in theory but sometimes they take it a little too far. That is especially true when they send shaming or condescending notes home to mothers.

Melinda posted her own thoughts as well. She wrote:

”My friend (mother of 8 healthy children, what follows relating to no. 7) received this today from her 3 year old’s kindy. I told her to put in two slices tomorrow and tell them to get lost.”

It is also noteworthy that both of the girl’s parents have health science degrees are take healthy eating seriously.

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