16 Awesome Things That Come From Japan


When we look at the world around us, we recognise that there are some innovative products and inventions that really make a difference in people’s lives. Some of them are going to help to save the environment and others are going to save time but in any case, they are something that can be implemented for the benefit of all mankind.

The Japanese are well-known for coming up with some rather ingenious inventions and implementing them on a regular basis. One thing is certain, they have a unique and wonderful culture but when you start to look at the things that they’ve done, you really begin to wonder why people in other parts of the world are not doing the same thing.


Here are 16 of those Japanese ideas for your consideration.

Gas stations

Pipes deliver gas to the cars from above so they can reach the tank on their car from either side

Vending machines

Some of the vending machines in Japan offer potato chips with chocolate, fried potatoes, boiled eggs, pasta and even pet food

Compact parking

With a population of 127 million, it’s easy to see why parking has become a priority.

Drink cans for the blind

People who aren’t able to see want to know what they are holding. The Japanese use braille on the top of soda cans for that purpose.

Chairs with holders

How many times has your bag fallen off the back of the chair? Japan is way ahead of that problem.

Foot spas on trains

You are not going to see these in other countries! You can buy a ticket for a special train with hot water baths for your feet.

Tissues for free

Better to take a preventative measure than get everyone sick.


Toilets serve a basic function but in Japan, they do much more. They help people with disabilities, clean themselves and even have a heater for the seat.

Stress busters

People in Japan tend to stress ever work so these little stress busters are just what they need. It simulates bubblewrap and comes in the form of a key ring.

Taxi doors

Automation is the key for these taxi doors


When you just need someplace to sleep, you can choose one of these hotels that certainly saves space

Musical roads

As you drive along, you can hear a pleasant melody on these special roads

Cat cafés

Cats are welcome in these cafés

A heated table

This would be a nice place to snuggle in and enjoy a cup of tea. Known as a kotatsu, it just may be the perfect invention.

Announcement systems

These loudspeakers are all across the country and they inform people about emergencies, including tsunamis and earthquakes. When an emergency is not occurring, they play music or make announcements for children.

Sleeping at work

Who of us wouldn’t enjoy taking a nice nap during our lunch hour? The Japanese are way ahead of us on this one.

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