A Tiny Kitten Was Found Peeking Through A Fence And She Was Not Alone
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A Tiny Kitten Was Found Peeking Through A Fence And She Was Not Alone

A Tiny Kitten Was Found Peeking Through A Fence And She Was Not Alone

We all realize that stray animals are a part of life. It doesn't matter what area of the world you happen to live in, you are likely to have some living in your local area and you don't have to travel far to see an area that has many of them. People do their best to help these animals and many different rescue projects have been started in order to make sure that they are cared for in the best way possible. That includes something that is not often thought of, but it is done by rescuers who have a heart for stray cats. The rescuers from Alleycat Rescue were taking part in a trap, neuter and return project near North Hollywood Metro station. This area of Los Angeles had a high number of feral cats, so the neutering was taking place to help reduce the numbers and to keep the cats from suffering. While taking part in that project, they discovered a little kitten poking her head through a wooden fence hole. As it turns out, she had company.

The siblings that were with the kitten all needed medical attention. It wasn't long before the rescuers were doing all they could to help keep the cat safe. The weakest kitten, Meeps was doing all she could to hang on. She had so many infections that her eyes were sealed shut.
"They were very ill and required multiple rounds of antibiotics for prolonged upper respiratory infections, eye ointment, eye drops, GI meds, probiotics, and treatment for multiple parasites," Desiree Stapley of Alley Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow. "Meeps was the smallest and sickest and we did not know if she would survive, let alone see again."
Many volunteers stepped up to provide foster care and around-the-clock TLC to help them with their recovery. Meeps was provided with extra attention because of her eyes but she never complained. She would just cuddle every chance she got.
Not only did she snuggle and her with her foster parents, but she also stuck with her siblings in their warm bed. She had a rough beginning but she was now happy to have the care she needed. These kittens required a lot of TLC but the volunteers were willing to put forth the effort to give it to them. They are now recuperating, with lots of love to go around.
Meeps has a wonderful personality and a strong will to live. "This adorable sweet girl comes looking for love in the right places. She rolls around on your computer keyboard, purring until you can't resist."
"She sits on your shoulder, waiting for a tea break patiently. Her brother Bear is another snuggler and their dilute calico sister Prue is also the sweetest baby."

"She has the most wonderful personality especially after all she has been through - eye meds daily for months," Desiree told Love Meow. "She got the all clear from an ophthalmologist at VCA last Thursday. Her eyes are looking great."
Meeps and her siblings continue to grow and are now almost 3 months old. She may be the smallest kitten in the litter but she makes up for it with a huge personality. This feline family is ready to move from their foster homes to their forever homes.
Meeps is no longer that little kitten who couldn't see. She is now beautiful, with bright eyes to match. Just look at her now!
Source: Love Meow