10 Pictures Proving You Need To Be Patient to Own a Pet

Do you have an animal in your life? If you do, it’s something very special and most of us treasure every moment that we have with them. They provide us with a source of ongoing love that requires nothing in return from us, although we try to give them everything possible to have a happy and healthy life. They are our protector, our constant companion and sometimes, our best friend. We come to expect much out of our animals, because they provide us with so much on a day-to-day basis.

Now that we got the nice stuff out of the way, it’s also important to realize that our animals are not always going to act in the best way possible. Sometimes, we come home to situations that are less than ideal. It doesn’t matter if it is food missing off of the table, blinds that are torn down from the windows or a couch that became a chew toy, it can be a frustrating situation. In fact, we might even consider raising animals to be similar to raising a child. We want to laugh at what happens but sometimes, we also want to cry.

At times, it’s just best to recognize the fact that there are going to be problems when you have an animal and to make the best of it. Perhaps you could even share pictures of what they did online so other people can also appreciate that they aren’t the only ones to be taken in by a little catastrophe waiting to happen. That is what these people decided to do in the following pictures:

1. At least a new floor is on the way

2. Where does your pet sit?

3. Nothing is private

4. They will always choose the place they want

5. He loves his new door

6. No shame

7. He’s in shock after a visit to the vet

8. They never get to watch TV like before

9. Trying to take a nice picture with your pet

10. Five beds and 10 chairs in the house and the cat sits on the eggs

Source: Paws Planet

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