7 Amazing Ways That Horses Say I Love You

As I’m sure you will agree, horses are among the most majestic and beautiful animals on the face of the planet. Although they can often overwhelm us with their size and it is not difficult to get intimidated, horses are really gentle, beautiful creatures and they display it in wonderful ways.

Many people who have a love of horses show it by taking care of them and ensuring that they live a life that is of the best quality possible. What they may not realize is that horses speak back to them in many amazing ways. Just like a cat that curls up on your lap or a puppy that licks your nose, horses have ways of saying that they love you. Here are 7 ways that they do so.

1. Snuggling and Nuzzling – Despite what the media may show us at the movies, horses don’t necessarily like strangers to pat them on the nose. If a horse comes up to you and rubs her nose or cheek against you, however, it is a good sign that she loves you wholeheartedly.


2. Coming to You – If a horse hears your voice and suddenly comes running out of nowhere to greet you, it means that they want to spend time with you. They may even recognize the sound of your car pulling in the drive.


3. Resting Her Chin on You – Horses will often exhibit this behavior to each other and it is sometimes referred to as a “horse hug.”

If a horse tries this with you, it will probably be by draping her head over your shoulder or trying to use your head for a place to rest her chin. She knows that you are more delicate than a horse but she still wants to give you a hug!


4. Giving Kisses – Just like a dog enjoys giving kisses to someone they love, a horse may also lick or “lip” you. They may also grasp you gently with their lips. This is a great way for horses to greet you because it allows them to show their affection and to check for hidden treats!


5. Lap Horse – I am sure that you’ve heard of a lap dog but have you ever heard of a lap horse? When horses are young, they like to become familiar with the person handling them and they may even try to crawl right up in their lap. Of course, even a big horse may try this but not always successfully.


6. Murmuring/Nickering – Outside of Mr. Ed, horses are not able to speak but they can speak volumes if you know how to listen. The sounds that they make often are rather noisy but if they nicker softly at you, it is a sign of affection and happiness.


7. Following You – If you find that your horse is following you wherever you go, it is a great sign of affection. It is also a sign of trust, showing you that your horse looks to you for the care they need.


Bonus Sign

8. Breath in Your Face – You might avoid breathing in the face of another human but if your horse shares his breath with you, it’s a sign of trust. Horses do it with each other but when they do it with a human, it denotes affection, respect and the fact that they look to you as part of the family.


Via: Little Things

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