Dog Gets Let Outside For A Potty Break And Ends Up Joining A Marathon Race


Many people dream about the possibility of running a marathon and they may train to do it for quite some time. Along the way, they are likely to have their ups and downs and most people experience setbacks. In the end, it may take months or perhaps even years to prepare for a marathon but when the day arrives, they are excited over the prospects.

People may run for different reasons as well. Some of them run because they want to be physically fit and others run for charity. Some just love the thrill of competing in a race. When runners came together for Alabama’s Elkmont Half Marathon, they were expecting to have a good run but they weren’t expecting to be running with a rather unusual companion. It was a dog that managed to find her way into the race.


Ludivine, a bloodhound pup who is only two years old, managed to finish in the top 10 of that marathon. In the process, she became famous online. When it first started out, however, it was just a normal day. Her owners had let her out to relieve herself but instead of coming back inside, she decided to run the marathon.

She ran 13.1 miles without a leash and no human to guide her. She not only finished the marathon, she competed in it quite well.

The pups owner said that she took off running when the shot rang out.

“…She stayed with a few of the front runners, ran off to sniff some animal carcasses, romp in the water, and then back to the race. I understand she stayed on the course for 13.1 miles, finished seventh, and was the highest placed female,” explained Hamlin.

In the end, she was presented with a metal for finishing seventh place out of 165 runners. She finished the race in under an hour and a half. What is funny is that her owner doesn’t even run. It just makes the story better.

The proceeds from this half marathon go to the local high school cross country and track and field program. They may just need to adopt Ludivine as their team mascot.

H/T: Shareably

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