The Magnificent ‘Victoria Crowned Pigeon’ Can Grow To Be As Big As A Turkey

When was the last time you truly got to appreciate something beautiful? It seems as if we take a moment to stop and ponder over what we are seeing when it happens in front of our eyes. It may take on the form of a beautiful sunset or perhaps standing on the shoreline and watching the ocean in front of you. It seems as if every square inch of the planet Earth has something beautiful for us to appreciate, regardless of whether we are in the middle of the desert or if we are on the top of the mountain. Taking a moment to ponder over what the earth has to offer can help us to appreciate our global home.

One of the things that we may appreciate about our home here on earth is the fact that it has such an abundance of wildlife. We often see these animals on television watching nature shows or perhaps we may see them on the Internet. At times, we may even be able to see them in person and some may even exist in our own backyard. One of the beautiful animals that our planet has to offer is the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, and as you look down through the pictures below, you will have to agree it is one of the most beautiful birds in existence.

The Victoria Crowned Pigeon does not necessarily put you in mind of a ‘pigeon’ when you first see it. After all, the crown on top of its head and the bright blue feathers make it look quite different than the pigeon we may see in our local area. There are actually four Crowned pigeon species that are part of the same family, each of which has a very unique look. These birds are also large, and they may grow to be as large as a turkey.

If you want to see the Victoria Crowned Pigeon in its native habitat, you will have to travel to the New Guinea region. The ruler of the UK at the time, British Queen Victoria, is where the name for this beautiful bird came from.

You might not see these birds very often, as they are more likely to be bred in captivity. Deforestation is threatening their habitat and the species is now included on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as near threatened.

They also have a difficulty surviving because the female will only lay a single egg per mating season. If you have an opportunity to see their mating dance, however, you will have to agree that it is just as intricate as their looks.

The male approaches the female during the courtship and bows his head to show off his beautiful crest. There is also a mating song that goes along with it, including flapping the wings and wagging the tail in a choreographed performance.

Source: Bored Panda

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