The Sleepiest Chihuahua Enjoying His Mom Playing A Nice Song Is Just What We Needed Today

If you have never heard of Malinda Herman before, you are going to be happy that you found this story. She is a YouTube artist and like many other people on YouTube, she enjoys singing and sharing those songs with the world. It always helps to have a twist when you are a YouTube star, however, and she has a twist that really makes her channel popular. She has two loving dogs that appear on her videos frequently and she also has a cat that enjoys ‘talking’. It is worth looking through her videos, not only to hear her singing but to enjoy what the animals are doing as well.

One of our personal favorites from her channel is when she sings ‘I’d Love You to Want Me’ by Lobo. Her cat can’t help but get in on the action and you can hear her meowing in the background quite frequently throughout the song. You can also tell that her animals are quite comfortable when she is singing and the little Chihuahua that is curled up on her lap can’t help but get sleepy as he gets close to the guitar. It’s a wonderful video that shows the love she has for her animals and the love that they have for her.

I couldn’t help but smile when I watch this video. The Chihuahua is so adorable as he is quickly falling asleep. That yawning tiny dog, however, had an effect on me that I couldn’t deny. I wanted to take a nap as well. Perhaps I’ll watch this video the next time I have trouble falling asleep.

Source: Mashable

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