The Story Of How A Kitten With Thumbs Got The Love He Needed From A Giant Dog

Have you ever had a cat in your life? If you have, you realize that they can be a real treat to have in the family. Some of us may have rescued a cat from a local shelter when they were just a little kitten and when we picked up that ball of fur, it took our heart and melted it right on the floor. From that moment forward, we realized that we were going to be at their beck and call and there was nothing that we wouldn’t do for our little friend.

This story about a kitten who was brought into an emergency veterinarian’s hospital is certain to touch your heart, just as much as holding a little kitten in your hands. The kitten needed more than emergency surgery, he needed someone to love him so a man that works there took him home to give him a new home. As it turns out, he wasn’t just in need of love from humans, he found love in a gentle giant that is going to put a big smile on your face.

I’d like to introduce you to Skywalker.

Skywalker was surrendered to the vet hospital when he was only three weeks old. He weighed less than a pound but they could see he had a huge heart.

Kim Downie’s husband just happened to be working at the hospital that day and he couldn’t resist bringing the little kitten home. That is when Mojito, their giant golden retriever fell in love with the kitten and started showing that love immediately.

“She went right to giving him kisses. Luckily, he didn’t mind. He loved cuddling with her right away,” Kim said.

Mojito was busy becoming a mother to this little ball of fur and was doing a great job of it.

That is when Skywalker was introduced to Bird TV and he loved it!

Mojito had loved another cat named Vader, although Vader was not all that thrilled about having such a big dog friend at first.

Now that Skywalker is around, they are constant cuddle companions.

Skywalker absolutely loves his new dog mother and doesn’t mind the affection.

“I do think sometimes he thinks she’s his mommy. Mojito is very loving. She’s a therapy dog and absolutely loves doing her visits. Skywalker is just super goofy,” Kim said.

Mojito protects the kitten and keeps him in her arms constantly.

She gives him baths and takes care of him just like any mother would.

Skywalker never takes naps alone

They just got closer as Skywalker grew up. Look at that thumb!

They still love watching birds together

Naptime is cuddle time

Mojito absolutely loves other animals and when she sees one in need, she will go right to them to help.

Skywalker is enamored and can’t get enough of the love his canine mother shows.

Seven months have passed and they are inseparable.

This is when Skywalker was three months old

This is Skywalker and Mojito today.

“Some things never change (except his size!).”

Enjoying some playtime

Skywalker getting lots of attention

Source: Love Meow

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