Video Shows A Bear Stealing Packages Of Dog Food Off The Front Porch

Internet shopping has really changed the way that many of us buy things that we need on a daily basis and things that we may need for special occasions. I don’t know about you, but I enjoy that little bit of a dopamine rush that I get when I push the buy now button and know that a package is on its way. It only gets better when the package actually arrives on the front porch, and we can’t wait until we get home to open it up and see what we actually purchased.

That being said, there are also problems that are now being experienced as a result of people stealing packages off of front porches. Some of those people have been caught and punished but in all too many cases, they get away with it and we end up without the package that we had been anticipating. It is a frustrating situation but it can actually be just a little bit adorable. How is that true? What could be cuter than having a bear’s steal a package of dog food off of your front porch? It actually happened in Pennsylvania, when a bear stole a box from Chewy off of the porch as it was caught on video.

Admittedly, this isn’t exactly a heist of diamonds or some other big event that is going to make it into the movies. At the same time, however, the skills that the bear shows makes it obvious that he may have done it at some point in the past. You can see it for yourself in this video:

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