You Can Now Have Matching Best Friend Necklaces For You And Your Pooch

Do you consider yourself to be a dog person? If you put yourself in that category, what would you do in order to proclaim your love for the best friend in your life? More than likely, you already do your part to buy them everything that they need to be happy and healthy but do you take them for a ride down to their favorite park on occasion? What about a pet-friendly vacation? Perhaps there could be one of those in your future.

There is now a unique way to show the world that you have a BFF and that they walk around on four legs. It comes in the form of matching best friend forever necklaces, and it is something that every dog lover is going to want to have in common with their furry friend. All you need to do is head over to the Slashpile Designs Etsy store and before you know it, you will be permanently bonded with your little companion.

During the 90s, friendship bracelets and necklaces were very popular. Today, they are back in favor again.

The Etsy store is now marketing the pet-friendly bracelet and necklace and you can have your own for a very reasonable price. Of course, reasonable is in the eye of the holder but if you feel like shelling out $80 for your little buddy, then you are all set.

The good news is, you can get the necklace or the bracelet engraved. Yes, and may cost a little bit more money because you will have to teach your dog how to read but then again, it will all be worth it in the end.

The description on the store reads: “The jump rings on the tag are soldered closed for extra security, so they won’t open during playtime.”

The pendant is about 1/2 inch wide and the tag for the dog collar is three-quarter inches in diameter. That’s a reasonable price.

By now, you are probably wondering what they look like. One of the options is a love heart.

The second design goes a little bit in the opposite direction, it’s a dog bone.

Even cat people are not left out. There’s nothing wrong with loving your cat just as much as people love their dogs and you can have one of these made for your little feline friend as well.

We live in a time when people do whatever is on their mind and nobody is supposed to judge them. Go ahead and take the plunge, it’s time for the world to know just how much you love your dog.