These Unique Squirrels Can Only Be Found On A Japanese Island

It doesn’t matter who we are, we are going to love to see an adorable animal. We don’t even have to be an animal person and when one happens to cross our path, we can’t help but look down at it and think about how cute it is. They just have a way of putting a smile on our face and some of us will even go out of our way to ensure that we see these little critters as often as we can.

If you look around your own area you probably will see a lot of animals that are adorable in their own right. Sometimes, however, you may hear about animals from other parts of the world and they are so cute that it is almost worth making the trip. That is the case of the most adorable squirrels you will ever see and they are only found in one part of the world.

They are tiny little flying squirrels and when you look at their big eyes and adorable faces, you can’t help but fall in love with them. Interestingly, the only place you will find these animals is on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

The squirrels are shy by nature and they are also curious, which is why they photograph quite well. When you look at the chubby little body, it almost looks spherical and that is perhaps what makes them cuter than anything else.

They are known as the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel and you won’t see them out very often during the day. They tend to live quiet lives and they are nocturnal. They’re also quite acrobatic when they jump from one tree to the next.

The squirrels are only 8 inches long and they don’t appear as if they have any natural predators. That is why they are not an endangered species, even though they only live on one island.

You will find many interesting creatures in Japan if you visit some of the islands but this little squirrel is among the cutest. There is even some thought that Pokémon may have been inspired by these Japanese dwarf flying squirrels. Just imagine one of them painted yellow and you would be pretty close to Pikachu.