12 Pictures That Show Just How Different Men Are From Women


Most of us recognise that there are some fundamental differences between men and women. I’m not talking about the physical differences, I’m talking about the type of people we are on the inside. Often the difference is so great that it is impossible to span the void. That being said, it also often works well in a relationship.

If you have any doubt that women and men are different creatures, they are about to be erased. In the following 12 pictures, you will be able to identify the differences quite well and get a good laugh at the same time. After all, these differences, although somewhat disturbing at times, can also be quite hilarious.

For now, we leave you to look down through the evidence and judge for yourself. If you don’t see that there is a noticeable difference in the way that women and men handle themselves, I’ll eat my hat.

1. My husband was singing a spider cat song while doing this.

2. When your hubby names the family dog

3. My wife is home working on her novel. She doesn’t know I’m working from home today.

4. He asked to use the sleep mask

5. It’s impressive that he does his own packing.

6. Time to dress the boy

7. How true it is

8. At least he tried

9. Love hurts

10. When he does the shopping

11. She has a cat of the month award, but they only have one cat

12. When she asks for your opinion

H/T: Diply

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