16 Memes To Get Your Day Started With A Giggle

Laughter is really the best medicine. Or as Albert Einstein once put it:

“If A is success in life, then A is equal to X plus Y plus Z. Work is X; Y is play; and Z – keeping your mouth shut.”

-Albert Einstein

Okay, good talk Einstein. Good talk…

Anyway, there’s nothing like a good gut-busting laugh to get your day started, and we’ve got a few of those for you today.

1. Health Nut

2. My favorite Detour

3. The Secret To Happiness

4. Seeing Uber In A Whole New Light…

5. Ruining Your Childhood

6. No Arguments Here!

7. When You’re Too Adult To Be Scared

8. I have no idea what he’s talking about…

9. The Power Of Tacos Compels You!

10. You and Me Both Sister!

11. Her Face Is Priceless!

12. Con Game = Boss Level

13. He Should Have Called The National Enquirer

14. TRUTH!

15. You’re Probably Sharing This Meme In Your Status Update Right Now

16. For The Win!

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