20 Witty People With A Great Sense Of Humor

A good sense of humor is truly a gift, and witty folks have a unique way of turning even the gloomiest situations into ones that make your stomach hurt with laughter.

We’ve found 18 pictures highlighting some of the best and most-bizarre humor on the web. So, just sit back and enjoy a good laugh.

18. This is the kind of honest advertising that wins over my trust.

17. You scream I scream, and I guess even the ice cream screams!

16. Not gonna lie, this may be the best protest cosplay costume of all time.

15. This man may have lost his leg, but he didn’t lose his great sense of humor.

14. How can you argue with the logic and brilliance of this bumper sticker, these could save the rhinos…err I mean chubby unicorns.

13. Seems like a perfectly reasonable response to a spider issue. Great job!

12. Now, this is how you let your wife know that you don’t like the new pancake syrup she bought.

11. This local coffee shop understands what their customers are going through in life.

10. Give whoever arranged the “Mystery Section” a raise immediately!

9. Don’t you dare turn on this sink, this work of art should forever be preserved!

8. Wow, I don’t know about the dog, but the cat certainly does the trick. Yikes!

7. This joke goes over most people’s heads…

6. This is a perfect example of a “dad joke.”

5. When your wife leaves you alone with the kids for the first time, of course, you’re going to teach them all about world domination. Duh…

4. Now, this is what you call turning lemons into lemonade!

3. As far as puns go, this one is an instant classic!

2. Let’s just hope this pilot is only kidding…

1. LOL, this DMV worker takes the prize. Now you know why the lines move so slow!

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