30 Pictures That Show Total Jerks Doing The Most Selfish Things

Many of us enjoy the warm fuzzy, feel-good stories that just leave us feeling fantastic. After all, we live in a world that is full of people who could only really be described as being ‘jerks’. We have to rub elbows with them every day and although we know they exist, there are also going to be times when it’s nice to remind ourselves of how much they have invaded our society.

As you look down through the following 30 pictures, you will see some of the most disrespectful, thoughtless actions that were ever taken by humans. The behavior of these individuals is unacceptable and it’s a good idea that they have been called out online so that other people could see just how despicable they really are.

1. Students in a dorm building acting like jerks

Selfishness is a serious problem. It is defined as somebody who puts their own needs first and is primarily concerned with themselves. Of course, we are all interested in taking care of ourselves but for a selfish individual, it always takes priority.

2. These parents who let their children wreck the toy store

3. Kneeling on bread to look at other bread

Somebody may be selfish for different reasons. Some may consider it selfish to hold on to what you have when somebody else may need it. We are not obligated to share, but it could be one definition.

Typically, a selfish person feels like they don’t ever have enough so they will hold onto their resources and try to get more by whatever means are necessary.

4. Leaving the theater like this

5. Why would you park there?

Other people may be selfish because they are afraid of losing control. At times, we learned this type of behavior from when we were very young and it persists until we are adults.

6. Gross

7. She was posing in a conservatory to get Instagram shots

When you have to deal with a selfish person, it sometimes takes a lot of patience on their part. You may wonder why they feel the way that they do and why they take such actions.

8. Listening to a movie on full volume

9. Sitting on apples at Walmart

10. Throwing your pistachio shells on the floor

11. A mother that would do this

12. Leaving plastic petals behind after a celebration

13. Licking ice cream and putting it back in the freezer

14. Somebody that does doughnuts in a kids’ playfield

15. Community electric scooters thrown into the water

16. There was a trashcan 4 feet away

17. They pay $125 a month to park in their own spot

18. Using the only fan in a crowded waiting room to cool yourself

19. Tossing your garbage into the airplane aisle

20. Hogging seats when other people have to stand

21. Trying to skip your way into the queue

22. Throwing your candy wrappers on the floor

23. This kid licking all of the salt shakers

24. An arrow from your neighbor

25. Leaving the library like this

26. These people

27. Missed another green light

28. Plastic confetti left from a gender reveal party in a public park

29. Move your feet

30. Three people taking up 12 seats

Source: Bored Panda

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