30 Hilarious Tombstones Of People With A Timeless Sense Of Humor

Most of us would readily agree that there isn’t anything funny about dying but the fact of the matter is, there have been many funny people who have died. Some of them go to their grave kicking and screaming but others decide to give the world a little going away present. They do so on their tombstone and when they do it, they often do it in style.

A tombstone is a memorial for those who have died and it is something that is truly for the living. If you have ever spent time going through an old graveyard and looking at some of the tombstones, you will see that many of them have been etched in history and unfortunately, they may have been long forgotten. That isn’t the case with these tombstones and through these 30 brilliant monuments, you will see that humor is alive and living, even though those that it represents are not.

Humor is something that many of us appreciate and in the case of these tombstones, it is also something that is timeless. The epitaphs that are on the stones show that a sense of humor really lives forever. In fact, as you go down through these images, it might just spark a little something in you and you may be interested in leaving something to future generations that will help to put a smile on their face in a little place in the world that often is the source of such sadness.

1. Gay veteran

2. Please step aside

3. Imagine seeing this

4. Dream big

5. Life is funny

6. Interesting

7. In case you’ve ever wondered

8. A fudge recipe

9. How unusual

10. Parking at a premium

11. I miss this guy

12. At least he’s polite

13. Strongman

14. A final funny

15. Finally getting some sleep

16. It’s all about the wording

17. No one asked me

18. The cat lady

19. Now they know

20. Poetic

21. She loved the phone

22. Funny butt

23. Call it like you see it

24. They found her cookie recipe

25. Burger and fries

26. He had his own language

27. Aint that life

28. Interesting thought

29. Let ‘er rip

30. Whatever

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