A Divorce Lawyer Has The Most Clever Business Card And It Is Going Viral


If you ask anyone who has been through a divorce, they will let you know that it isn’t a laughing matter. That doesn’t mean, however, that humour can’t be a part of the process in some way or another. A lawyer decided to put a funny spin on his practice and he came up with a business card that is quite out of the ordinary.

The business card managed to find its way to the top page on Reddit, and it deserved it. The card has a perforated line down the middle, so it is perfect for sharing with your soon to be not so significant other.

The card has contact information on both sides, so it is the same, any way you slice it.

In other words, the card is actually 2 cards.

“I get the right side,” wrote user ‘ogbarisme,’ mocking a potential conversation disputing lovers might have. “I deserve the right side, you get the left you cheating vagabond!”

“Bad marketing,” chimed ‘ThePhoebus.’ “When you divorce, you don’t want to share anything anymore.”

“I wonder if this helps kick the whole process off well because of the humour [sic] attached,” speculated ‘WildTurkey81.’ “End of the first meeting, they’re handed this. A little chuckle and a smile.”

A blog post helped to shed light on why that particular look was used.

We wanted it to have universal quality so it wasn’t long before the idea of splitting and dividing started working it’s [sic] way into the card.

Seeing as we’ve recently received a request for more cards from our client we can only assume they’ve been a nice addition to an otherwise not-so-nice profession.

Via: David Wolfe

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