Friends Throw Water Guns At Strangers And Have Some Of The Most Hilarious ‘Fights’ Caught On Video

When we are younger, we often spend the majority of our time wishing that we were older and had more responsibility. As we get older, however, we suddenly turn things around and we want to be children again when we really had no responsibilities. It seems like such a strange situation, but the vast majority of us who are reading this will realize there is a lot of truth behind it. We strive for independence in our lives but we also appreciate the carefree days of youth.

There is an old saying that you are ‘only as old as you feel’ and it seems as if Josh Roth, Zane Robinson, and Hallelujah, are in full agreement with that statement. They love being kids at heart and they do what they can to put a little bit of fun in their day. Not only do they enjoy the fact that they are adults and don’t always have to act like adults, they share it with people online so that they can appreciate what they have to offer as well. If you happen to be in the area of Richmond, Virginia, you never know when you might run into them. Just beware if they have a super soaker in their hand.

The heat wave was incredible and it was an extremely hot day in Richmond. It seemed as if it was the perfect opportunity for an epic water gun battle. These college graduates decided to do a social experiment and see if strangers would step up and take part in the water battle challenge. They didn’t know how it would turn out, but they started taking the video near Monroe Park.

“It was mad hot,” they said. “So we bought 2 water guns, filled them up, and walked up to people & tossed them one…just to see if they were down for a quick water gun fight.”

Most people weren’t overly enthusiastic about the idea when it was presented to them but eventually, people warmed up to the idea.

It didn’t matter where they were or what they might be doing, most loved the impromptu water battle.

They were running around the streets as if they were kids again and the smiles on their faces are contagious.

Most people were quick to just put their age aside when they saw the water gun in front of them. They turned from an adult to a child in an instant and would even do a little victory dance when it was all over.

“Somebody could be going through a horrible day and the next thing you know there’s a water gun in front of them, and they say, ‘You know what… Today, let’s have a water gun fight and let loose for five minutes,’” Josh said.

These young men were really giving people a treat with an opportunity to forget about their adult lives for just a moment. They then shared the video, which has gone viral.

You can see their water gun impromptu battles in this video:

Source: Inspire More

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