Got Long Hair? You Will Totally Get The Pain Behind These Photos


Many women appreciate their individuality and being able to do their own thing. That isn’t to say, however, that they don’t have things in common and from time to time, they may even go through struggles that other women experience regularly. Although it can happen to any women, those women who have long hair seem to have a special connection with each other. You are about to see why.

It doesn’t matter who you are or how old you are, when you have long hair, you are going to have some difficulties. Yes, it can be quite enjoyable to have long hair and that is why many women continue to do so. Once you see the following photos, however, you will recognise that long hair is not only a problem, there are sometimes with a can be a literal pain!

Every single day!

When you're out and this happens to your one and only #struggleisreal #longhairproblems #panicmode

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This is a trendy bun

Did you forget your hair band?

Assuming the position. #latergram #ramen #longhairproblems

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Other people suffer too

Incontrolable ? #longhairproblems

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Our pets feel the pain

Been there, done that

#thestruggleisreal #longhairproblems

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And did it again!


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The pain of using headphones

Never trust your hair band

Selfie Problems

What it's really like when you've got long hair. #wind #longhairproblems

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Break any claw clips lately?

Long hair problems, exhibit #845: breaking countless clips and elastic hair bands. All. The. Time. Also… there are stray, traveling, loose hairs everywhere… on the back of your shirt, hidden in your underwear, on the shower wall (and in the drain), on the floor (tangled up in your toes), on the couch (eventually attached to your butt), in your food… look, we're sorry but we're doing the best we can! ? Gentlemen out there who absolutely HAVE to have a lady with long hair… show her some love and be patient 'cause it really isn't as simple as waking up with lovely, long, luscious locks and not having any side effects. There's a lot of work, time, money, clean up and frustration that goes on behind the scenes. Shout out to all the short-haired ladies out there living the good life; I wish I could look halfway decent with short hair, but it's just not my time… YET! ? #BeneathTheMask #LongHairProblems #LongHairDoCare #LongHairTroubles #LongHairStruggles

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And no comb is safe

Your friends have no sympathy

Trying to take cute group pictures… #longhairproblems #everyday #thestruggle

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It’s a struggle we deal with every day

Happening all day today #longhairproblems #sunnystruggles #underrated

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