Horrified Adults Call Police on Clever Boy Selling ‘Ice Cold Beer,’ But When They Arrive Officers Enjoy Good Laugh

For an 11-year-old, Seth had his neighbors phone the police left and right to report his activities when they spotted his “Ice Cold Beer” sign. However, as everyone soon discovered, the kid had pulled off a genius marketing ploy.

There are some children out there who seem destined to do very well in the world of business. Even young, these little entrepreneurs love combining brilliant ideas with hard work to make a little cash. And in some cases, begin multi-million dollar empires!

A young boy in Utah recently created a buzz in his neighborhood for being a very clever entrepreneur.

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Here we have 11-year-old Seth, who, during the height of summer in one of the hottest states in America, decided instead of starting a boring lemonade stand, he would kick things up a notch or two.

The Utah pre-teen stood at the roadside holding a sign that said “Ice Cold Beer.”

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Because he’s only a kid, several concerned neighbors called the cops, who immediately pulled up to investigate Seth’s operation.

Fortunately, after officers arrived, they discovered Seth wasn’t selling the type of “beer” the callers were concerned about. Instead, his advertising contained a cleverly hidden twist.”

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The young man wasn’t selling alcoholic beverages and was not breaking the law.

Upon closer inspection of his sign, officers saw he was selling ROOT beer!

Seth didn’t “technically” deceive anyone. In his sign, he rights the word “root” in a smaller green print (that just so happens to be challenging to see from a distance).


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Instead of getting bent out of shape over the stunt, the Bigham City Police department considered his idea an excellent marketing strategy.

And they were blown away by how good business was going. Not a lot of kids his age, or any age for that matter, could pull something like this off!

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People all over the internet got quite a tickle out of Seth’s clever business strategy.

One Facebook User said:

“That’s a kid that is destined to be a great marketing expert! He knew how to get attention of people. Seems it worked and he got police protection as well. 🤣. Bet he got lots of business as well. 👍”

Another one commented:

“He’s savy, neat and clean! Hard working and thinking about what appeals to the public…he can go anywhere with that mindset! And with that community of great police officers supporting him, he’s already got mentoring!!! love this 😎”

This person said whoever called the cops on the boy should feel ashamed. To that, the Brigham City Police Department replied:

“Our citizens should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to call us. They were just calling in what they felt was a suspicious circumstance. No harm, no foul.”

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Police officers were also praised for supporting the young man and enjoying it in good humor.

They handled the situation with professionalism and good humor. And after discovering he did nothing wrong, a few officers even bought some bottles of ice-cold “root” beer. And who could blame them? Seth’s quite charming, and the drinks were only $1.00.

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He may be young, but Seth knows how to promote his business.

While many kids create traditional lemonade stands and mow lawns for extra cash, this young man proved that thinking outside the box can pay big dividends. It’ll be interesting to see what other clever ideas Seth comes up with in the future!

Check out a video about Seth’s hilarious story below.

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