Imagine A Unicorn Candle That Cries Rainbow Tears When You Light It


There are many things that we may love but one that seems to be a favourite of many people in some way or another are unicorns. These mythical creatures can either be fanciful or cute but in either case, they tend to show up in our lives at some point or another. This particular unicorn, however, is certain to take you by surprise.

What goes with unicorns? Rainbows, of course! In fact, you don’t often see a unicorn picture without seeing a rainbow in the background. Sometimes they are even riding on the rainbow! That is what makes this unicorn candle so perfect. When you light the candle, the unicorn sits there and cries rainbow tears. It is absolutely perfect!

Of course, some might call this unicorn candle a little bit creepy but regardless of how you look at it, it certainly is unique.


Many people will want to have this item on their own bookshelf but even if you don’t, there is somebody in your life that would appreciate the uniqueness of this item.

H/T: Bored Panda

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