Pet Owners Tell About the Most Outrageously Hilarious Reasons They Had to Visit the Vet

There’s nothing a loving pet owner won’t do to help their fur babies. So whenever a medical emergency happens, many of us panic and rush to the vet immediately, which is a totally understandable reaction. However, there are some cases where what owners thought was a serious health issue turned out to be something quite silly. Check out this list of hilarious reasons pet owners did a palm face at the vet’s office.

1. Kid Allergy

2. Sympathy Cough

3. His First Cat

4. Home Sick

5. Waggin’ Hard

6. Muting Humans

7. Scooby-Doo Snacks

8. It Was a Gas!

9. Academy Award-Winning Kitty

10. So Dramatic!

11. The Chow Down Cat

12. Treat Critic

13. Bruised Ego

14. The $400 Toot

15. Pad Ransom

16. The Number One Announcer

17. The Expensive Ananomy Lesson

18. A Sticky Situation

19. Not a Seafood Fan

20. Pay Close Attention

21. Tick, Tak, Nope

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