11-Year-Old Twins Perform A Most Unusual Boogie Woogie On Duel Pianos

We sometimes see people who have an exceptional amount of talent. It often occurs when they can perform music in some way or another and it almost seems as if they are born with the natural ability to do it. Of course, there is a lot of practice that goes into this type of talent as well and that is clear to see when you look at the twins that are in the video below from Paramus, New Jersey. Their names are Angelina and Ashley Leyva and they are identical twins. They have a lot in common, and much of it is beyond the way that they look. They also have a love of playing the piano and their favorite style of music is boogie-woogie.

When the twins posted the video that you see below back in 2017, it wasn’t long before the world was captivated with what they are able to do. It starts out with one of the twins playing piano when another twin decides to walk into the room and look at her with a scowl on her face. Before long, they are sitting on the bench together but when the camera pans out, you see that there are actually two pianos in the room! That is when the two of them start to play using separate instruments and they go back and forth, making the music absolutely come to life. They then take things to the next level by playing both pianos at the same time in a way that you totally wouldn’t expect.

After the twins uploaded the video, it went viral and you are about to see why. More than 1.8 million have seen the video and it just seems to keep growing.

The twins are now teenagers and they continue to surprise us with new videos. They upload them frequently, so make sure you follow them because they never disappoint.

Source: Apost