Bride Hansomely Tips Waitress Who Spilled Gravy on Mother-in-Law’s Dress After She Wore White at Her Wedding

A bride’s wedding should mainly be about her and her groom. But, of course, the bride is always the center of the show. However, there are just some future mothers-in-law out there who have a tough time accepting that they will no longer be the most important woman in their son’s life.

And many will find a lot of little passive-aggressive ways to let their new daughter-in-law know just who’s in charge. One such trick is by wearing white at their wedding, an old taboo that signifies stealing the spotlight from the bride on her big day.

Chloe Was Not Accustomed to Working as a Server

Chloe worked very briefly in the silver service. She explains that she suffers from dyspraxia, a condition impacting physical coordination.

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On top of that, she’s pretty clumsy and would always drop things, so she did not see this as being the best career fit for her.

She Spilled an Entire Boat of Gravey on a Guest

When Chloe worked on her first and only wedding ceremony, she was very nervous but was doing her very best.

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However, things went south very quickly when she accidentally spilled “a whole boat of gravy” onto the lap of the bride’s mother-in-law. The gravy splashed everywhere!

Chloe Was Sure She Ruined the Wedding

Thankfully, although the gravy was hot, it did not burn the mother-in-law. However, she still had to drive home to get changed.

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Chloe was still young and could not help but to breakdown into tears:

” I was beside myself crying. I was so upset because I thought that I’d ruined this couple’s wedding.”

A Grateful Bride Thanks Her

Expecting to really get chewed out by an angry bride, the bride went over to Chloe and shook her hand instead.

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She thanked the young server for what she did. Chloe had unknowingly become the bride’s vassal of vengeance since the mother-in-law decided to wear a white dress to her wedding.

The Tip

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For her accidental good deed, the bride went the extra step and paid Chloe a fat tip of 55 pounds ($75 USD).

You can watch Chloe’s video in which she tells the story below.


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