James Blunt Supports Those On The Front Line Fighting COVID-19 With ‘The Greatest’

There are times in our lives when we need to pull together and to do what we can in order to benefit the greater good. When this happens, there are some people who step up to the plate and do the right thing but others tend to fade into the background and they end up doing nothing. We are in one of those times with the coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the earth and causing so much disruption in our day-to-day lives. Not only is the coronavirus making people sick and killing far too many, it has also caused us to start social distancing and to isolate at home. Some people are stepping up to the plate in wonderful ways, including James Blunt.

Most of you probably know James Blunt as an incredible singer but he is actually much more. He is a humanitarian that does what he can in order to help people when it is possible to do so. In his song, ‘The Greatest’, he is helping in ways that many people are not able to do. It is an amazing song that he wrote specifically for the coronavirus pandemic and all of the proceeds that come from this song in 2020 will be sent to the national health service in the UK. It’s an amazing gesture and I’m sure that this song is going to do quite well for that very reason. After all, we can all do our part by simply listening to it.

James Blunt is an English songwriter and singer and he produces records as well. He wasn’t always a performer, however, he used to be a reconnaissance officer in the Life Guards Regiment of the British Army. He also served under NATO in 1999.

We may all do what we can in order to help with the current pandemic and this sometimes includes reaching out to people in our local area, even while maintaining social distancing. We’re thankful that James Blunt is doing what he can and we can all help, just by watching this video.