Kelly Clarkson, John Legend And Blake Shelton Stand With Nick Jonas And Perform ‘Jealous’ Together

There is so much talent in the world and in recent years, we have seen more talent cross our paths than at any time in the past. We see it online, as people are uploading videos of themselves singing and dancing and we see it in the television talent shows, which are so popular these days. One of those popular talent shows is The Voice, and it is unique because the person who is singing for the judges really has to amaze them with their voice. After all, the judges aren’t even looking in their direction when they first come out on the stage! It is also true that the judges themselves are quite amazing and have some abilities that really make them superstars.

What do you get when The Voice judges all come together in order to perform a song? You get something absolutely incredible. That is what you see in this video, when they put on a performance for The Voice audience in order to sing ‘Jealous’, one of Nick’s songs. They all come out on the stage, John Legend, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson for one amazing performance. It’s amazing to see in video, which is below, but it’s even better when you see something like this in person. It is very rare that you have this much talent and fame on the stage at one time together, but they bring it home with an incredible live performance.

Any one of these judges could keep an audience of thousands of people very happy and they often do. When they come together for a single performance, however, the sum of their talent is much greater than each of the parts put together!

These types of performances don’t come along very often, so it’s important to take advantage of the opportunity to see them when we can. I’m sure that everybody who actually saw this performance live is going to remember the moment for a very long time.