Sting And Shaggy Shake Things Up With ‘It Wasn’t Me’

There are many people out there who are amazing performers and when we hear them sing a song, any song, we absolutely love it. I’m sure that we would admit that there are many people who can entertain in this way and they often do best when they are singing by themselves. We might even think that it would be nice to hear a couple of them singing together, and when we do hear them paired up, it often is an incredible experience. At other times, we may hear two singers singing together and wonder whoever thought it was a good idea to put them side-by-side on the stage. At times, such a combination will surprise you.

I’m sure that is how many people felt when Sting was put on the stage with Shaggy for a rather interesting song. After all, Sting is known for some of the classic rock songs that he sung with The Police, and he continues to entertain with that type of music. Shaggy, on the other hand, is a Jamaican reggae musician. In other words, I don’t think the two of them could be any further apart when it comes to their musical talents. Once they were singing “It Wasn’t Me” together, however, it actually turned out to be a much better experience than we could have ever expected. As talented individuals, they came together nicely to perform an excellent song.

You will likely find a number of interesting things about this performance from a few years ago. First of all, neither of the performers set their own preferences and singing style aside in order to sing together. They just let each other do their own thing and it turned out awesome.

In addition, it is one of those musical experiences that we don’t get to see very often. In fact, the possibility that you will see Shaggy on the stage with Sting again is highly unlikely. For now, you can enjoy it in the following video.