Take A Look Back On Whitney Houston’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ Live Performance

It’s always nice to hear a singer when they are extremely talented. It seems as if they are able to put on a performance that keeps the audience interested and leaves them wanting more. Those individuals are the performers who do their best to keep their fans happy, regardless of whether it is by putting songs out in the studio or by singing on the stage. One of the performers that has certainly done her part in keeping her fans happy is Whitney Houston. From the time that she got started in the music industry until the day that she died, she was somebody who inspired people with her music.

Of course, Whitney Houston did have her share of problems and at times, she wasn’t looked at in the most favorable light. That being said, she still managed to sell 200 million records worldwide over the course of her career and she is in the Guinness world records as being the most awarded female artist of all time. She has sung many amazing songs over the years, but perhaps her most inspirational song is “I Will Always Love You”. It’s one of those songs that is almost impossible not to get goosebumps when you hear her perform it. In fact, there have been many people who sang the song after Whitney Houston, but nobody quite matches her abilities.

In the video that you see below, you get to watch Whitney Houston performing “I Will Always Love You” live in 1999. It was one of those performances that I’m sure everyone in the audience is still talking about down to this day. Unfortunately, it’s also a performance that is never to be repeated.

Whitney Houston died in 2012 when she drowned as a result of cocaine intoxication and coronary artery disease. Her career came to an end at that time but her music continues and we still love it down to this day.