This Couple Honestly Had No Idea Their 10-Year Tranformation Photo Would Get Such a Big Reaction

People can completely transform their lives. As we learn and grow, we can evolve spiritually and psychologically, but the most noticeable change we undergo is in our physical form.

One couple posted an innocent photo in 2017 showing off their incredible 10-year-transformation. The couple’s remarkable differences in appearance immediately captured the imagination of thousands across the internet, and the picture became viral, much to the couple’s bafflement.

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From 2007 to 2017

Wendy Joseph and her Husband Dan Hennessey first began dating in 2007. They are both from New Jersey but later moved to San Diego, California, and live in Costa Rica. If you roll down their Instagram page, you’ll find many images showing off their gym-toned physiques. However, this wasn’t always the case for Wendy and Dan.

In 2017 the couple posted a set of images that compared how they looked in 2007 to 2017; the ten-year difference is pretty clearly highlighted in their brilliant transformation. If you’ve seen them before 2017, you may have difficulty believing they were even the same people!

Here’s the photo that caused all the excitement.

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In a more recent photo, you can see that Wendy’s hair is now styled in an updo. She has also since stopped using chemicals to straighten her hair and chooses to embrace its natural texture and beauty. Dan had gone from a weekly shave to sporting a styled beard.

Social Media Reacts

Many people on Instagram were buzzing over the couple’s sensational transformation. Their post gained over 60,000 likes. And the comments were overall very supportive. They did say the couple was beautiful even before the change. However, most praised the hard work and effort they put into their bodies.

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One person accused them of reverse aging Benjamin Button style.

“Did you both age in reverse?? What fountain of youth are you drinking from??”

Another comment claimed their graceful aging had much to do with the decade they were born in.

“This is proof that 90s kids are aging well,” they wrote.

Another person also believed they looked younger.

They commented: “wow you look younger!” Meanwhile, another person praised Wendy’s hair. “You guys have gotten more beautiful. [Wendy] I love your hair,” they wrote.

Dan Hennessey and Wendy Joseph

The couple got engaged in Paris in 2016. They work together as personal trainers and health coaches after starting their company, True4You Fitness. They also have a very successful YouTube Chanel, where they regularly share tips and tricks to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Their approach to fitness is more long-term, aiming for more significant, more sustainable health improvements, unlike many popular fast results so many trainers promise these days.

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Dan has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade, earning a nutrition certification in Precise Nutrition and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. Wendy has a Mater’s degree in Public Administration.

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In their posts, Wendy describes how Dan helped her improve her body image. She admits she’s not always appreciated her appearance as she does now.

You can also watch a video tribute to this fantastic couple below.

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