Woman Claims the Reason She’s Still Single is Because Men Are Too Intimidated By Her Beauty

Chances are, if you’re single, there’s probably a very good reason for it. It could be that you’re not looking to date at this time. Or maybe you just left a long-term relationship and wish for a bit more “me time.” It could also be that your personality just isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But, Céline Centino, a popular Instagram influencer living in Zurich, Switzerland, believes she’s still single become men are too chicken even to approach her.

What’s so scary about her, you ask? Well, according to Centino:

She’s Too Beautiful

Is it possible that she’s right? Could she just be too beautiful for the average guy to even think about approaching?

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Well, in any case, she certainly seems to think so. But, can you blame her?

Céline said:

‘ “I’ll be out with my friends, and guys will be watching, looking at me like they want to eat me.”

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“But when I give them a little smile to invite them over they never come.”

So what kind of guy is Céline looking for?

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She claims not to really have a “type,” but prefers men taller than her.

She also says that for her, a man’s personality is way more important than his looks.

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She also understands the danger behind putting too much importance on appearance.

Céline also shared how she was bullied when she was younger because of her appearance. She wasn’t always this attractive.

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In fact, when she was in school, children teased her and called her ugly.

Céline became so concerned about her looks that she decided to spend over $27,700 on fillers, plastic surgery, and beauty treatments.

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Today she looks like a totally different person. Which she believes is part of the problem.

Céline paid for her cosmetic surgeries and treatments by sharing racy pictures of herself on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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She decided she would shape her own appearance.

Céline said:

“After years of being bullied I’m finally happy with myself and how I look.”

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“I have lots of friends and a wonderful family but I would love a boyfriend to share it with.”

Céline says that a few of her former childhood bullies reached out when they saw her new look on Instagram, but she mostly chooses to ignore them.

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She’s not interested in giving those people the time of day after what they put her through.

Céline says she’s had three great augmentation surgeries and still receives botox injections in her face every couple of months.

Maintaining her appearance is not easy, but she’s committed to doing so.

Check out the video below to see what Céline looked like before her surgeries — the change will shock you!

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