The Mother Wanted More Pictures Of Their Kid So Dad Steps Up To The Plate
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The Mother Wanted More Pictures Of Their Kid So Dad Steps Up To The Plate

The Mother Wanted More Pictures Of Their Kid So Dad Steps Up To The Plate

It doesn't matter who we are, we tend to carry a camera with us at all times. I'm not talking about a bulky, standalone camera, I'm talking about the one that is attached to our smartphone. When we pay attention to what is really going along with our camera, it is amazing what we are able to do with it. Of course, there is never really a substitute for a true camera, and you're about to see the difference. When Philip Haumesser received a quality camera as a present from his wife, he wasn't quite sure what she had in mind. He has always enjoyed taking pictures of his one-year-old son Ruben, as well as his three-year-old son, Richard. They all live on a farm along with his wife, Natosha.

She got him a present that turned his love of photography into something quite amazing.
Not everything went perfectly from the start. His first photo shoot was even described as a nightmare. “The kids got bored immediately because Dad was trying to get them to pose and sit still, something I discovered quickly that is not the natural state for children 2 and under,” Philip said. It was then that he decided to take a break from photography but during his time off, he discovered the work of famous photographers, Iwona Podlasińska and Lisa Holloway. After being inspired by their pictures, he decided to give it another shot. “I decided we were just going to try to make this fun and not care about how the photos turned out, and if we got some good ones it would be a plus,” he said. “So we did just that. I just let the kids start playing in the barnyard with the animals and I would even get in there and play with them, sometimes I forget we are even taking photos, then I’ll just step back and snap some photos.”
Philip and Natosha were in love with the results. Their sons were creative and that helped him to do even more with the camera. Regardless of whether they were looking at the sky, playing with cows or hanging out with the chickens, the photos became a diary of their lives. Philip had been interested in photography for quite some time but now he was seeing what was really possible. It was his children that made the hobby so rewarding and now it is his favourite thing to do.

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