Video Captures Strange and Unique Crown Flashing Beam of Light Behind The Clouds

This has to be one of the most incredible videos I’ve seen in a long time! I felt as if the man behind the camera was voicing what I was feeling, as he pointed out how shocked he was by what he was witnessing. It almost looks like a strange creature of light hopping in and out of the clouds! My first reaction was disbelief, and I could not believe it was real.

Image via Facebook

I thought it must be some kind of special effects trick done on a computer somewhere. But the consistency of the light and the fact that its constantly changing movements convinced me that it’s legit. My second thought was, “I want this to be a UFO!” However, some speculate that what we see in this video is a natural phenomenon called “crown flashing.”

Image via Facebook

This takes place when ice crystals in the clouds align with the constantly shifting magnetic fields, that are caused by the electrical activity of a storm. The shifting crystals cause the light to refract and move around. Nature is just so mysterious and breathtaking. No matter how much we think we know, she always has another secret.

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